Elections have consequences, especially this one.
A decision has been made - never mind who made it - to make owning and driving a car much more expensive in the very near future.
Even if you don't buy a new one.
One of the tenets of the Biden Harris campaign theology was fossil fuels bad - and “green” alternatives good. Whether they are, in fact, good, is one question. Whether they will dramatically increase the cost of driving is beyond question.
One way cost will increase will be indirect, via a decrease in supply - which necessarily raises the price of anything there’s high demand for. Motor fuels are in high demand. Whether you liked the Orange Man or not, the fact is he increased the supply by increasing production, a thing which the Joker-smiling creature (when he isn’t wearing his Face Diaper) promises to decrease production of. How much he fulfills that promise will determine how high the cost of motor fuels goes up.
It is also likely he will further uptick them via new taxes on the finished product, in order to discourage the buying and burning for the sake of the “greening.” Maybe you didn’t like the Orange Man. Hopefully you will like paying $4 for a gallon of gas. Possibly a great deal more. The Green New Deal envisions the end of fossil fuels - by force.
Via taxes, which aren't voluntarily paid.
This is what was voted for - or rather, how the votes were counted for.
Another thing that’s coming courtesy of who was declared the winner will be the greatest leap forward in mandatory MPG minimums - federal Corporate Average Fuel Economy "standards" - ever imposed on the car industry. Which is to say on the cars which will be available on the market going forward.
As well as those which will no longer be available at all.
The Orange Man, whatever you think of him, made an effort to dial back the federal mileage minimums which all car manufacturers are required to comply with - along with the punitive fines applied to the car buyer (via the car’s sticker price) for not-complying with them.
His predecessor left office in 2016 after having “midnight judged” a regulatory change that almost doubled the existing minimum MPG that all new vehicles had to average - or else buyers get punished for buying the offending vehicle via “gas guzzler” fines embedded in the cost of the car - from about 35 MPG to almost 50 MPG, along with a tripling of the fines for not making it to almost 50 MPG.
His successor - who is his predecessor, rebooted - will restore and possibly increase the mandatory minimums as well as the fines.
The consequences of this will be - as the Orange Man might have said - yuge.
Whatever you think about the merits of getting cars to average 50 MPG, it is inarguable that getting them to do so will add thousands of dollars to the cost of the car itself - to pay for the hybrid drivetrain that will be needed to achieve it. There is not a single new non-hybrid available right now that even approaches 50 MPG - on the highway. A few small cars manage 40 - just barely - and only on the highway.
Their average mileage - their city mileage plus their highway mileage - is in the mid-low 30s.
There is not one truck or SUV that gets much higher than 30 MPG on the highway. When you factor in their city mileage - which is how federal mileage standards are calculated - their average is in the mid-high 20s, severely noncompliant.
There is no way to make them compliant - without making them partially or fully electric.
Which Ford and GM anticipated via the pre-election reveals - an industry term - of electrified versions of their large trucks and SUVs.
You can get an idea what this will cost you easily enough. The base price of a new half-ton Ford truck, the F-150, is $28,940. The estimated cost of the electric version of the same thing will be south of $70,000.
GM’s electrified Hummer will start at $112,000 but the good news is that a $70,000 version is coming.
For those who can afford it.
The man with the joker smile can, of course - being well-paid by people who have no choice about paying him and by people who are happy to pay him because he can be used to make others pay them.
For instance, Ford and GM - who will be in a position to make you pay for their electrified alternatives by leaving you no alternative. (The non-electric versions of trucks like the F-150 may be available for awhile, but their cost will increase via fines to parity with the electric version while their cost-to-drive will be higher than the cost to drive the electric version, via punitive taxes on increasingly scarce gasoline.)
The Orange Man, whatever his deficits, was trying to make it so that you paid less. But that was voted down.
Or so they tell us.
. . .
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