We still don’t know who won the election - but now we know what will happen to the car industry if the one the consolidated corporate media says won the election is eventually certified as the winner when the Electoral College meets in December.
The Man in the Mask has announced his picks to run the two federal bureaucracies - the Environmental Protection Agency and the Department of Transportation - that decide on our behalf the parameters of new car design.
How “safe” they must be.
How much gas they’re allowed to use - and emit.
How much we'll pay for it all.
The people he’s chosen are: Patrice Simms for EPA. He is an “environmental attorney” at a something styled Earthjustice, which sued the Trump administration over its attempt to dial back Obama-era federal fuel economy fatwas that would have - and looks like they will, again - require all new vehicles to average 50 MPG or more within the next five years.
If the fatwa is hurled, it won't be illegal to build and sell cars that don't average 50 MPG or more.
They will just become much harder for people who aren't rich to buy - as their prices will rise by thousands of dollars, to include the fines (tripled-down) applied to vehicles that don't average 50 MPG or more. The existing fatwa - and fines - applied to vehicles that don't average about 35 MPG is why large sedans are too expensive for most people to buy and why most people are forced to buy small (and small-engined) crossovers, like the micro-sized Hyundai Venue I reviewed recently.
But even this one uses "too much" gas - and produces too much gas (C02) for the liking of the Man in the Mask.
Other lawsuits were filed when Trump tried to derail California’s “zero emissions” mandates, which had the effect of imposing the mandates everywhere - due to the size of California’s market and the difficulty for the car companies of building “California” cars for California and another batch for the rest of the country.
Easier to build “California” cars for everyone - which means lots of electric cars as they are the only kinds of cars that meet the "zero emissions" standard - and charge everyone for them, even if they don't actually buy them. The price of other cars goes up to make up for the cost of building the "zero emissions" electric cars.
The Man in the Mask has also selected other sic ‘em (on us, since we're the ones who pay) Obama-era EPA lawyer-bureaucrats such as Joe Goffman, who was general counsel at the agency as well as Obama-era EPA enforcer Cynthia Giles.
Expect more "zero emissions" mandates, nationally.
More cash transfers to Elon Musk - and his fellow travelers at the other car companies, who will be forced to build electric cars you can't afford.
The Man in the Mask has also promised to erect a network of plug-in portals to juice them up. Since the market isn't paying for that - as it does gas stations - the Man the Mask will make you pay for it. Expect to see the surcharge on your electric bill, even if you don't have an electric car.
The cost may also come in the form of no electricity, Third World-style - when there isn't any available because the wind died down or the sun did.
That being the only way to produce "zero emissions"electricity.
Over at DOT, Philip Washington - who comes to Washington from the LA County Metropolitan Transportation Authority. Where he worked to discourage transportation . . . other than that run by the government.
He will be abetted - if the banana republic “election” stands - by fellow-non-traveller Polly Trottenberg, who is New York City Transportation Commissioner. New York City being to privately owned transportation what sugar in the tank is to your car's engine.
There is also Therese McMillan, former Obama decider at the Federal Transit Administration. And finally - the coupe de grace for coupes and sedans - will be former “climate policy advisor” to Elizabeth Warren and Forced-Diaperer Gesundheitsfuhrer Jay Inslee of Washington state, Maggie Thomas.
Sue Binez, a “key architect” of the Paris Climate Accord - which Trump pulled the U.S. out of - has been appointed to head the State Department transition team - which will transition the country toward a “sustainable” future in which driving a car isn’t.
The car is now officially in the crosshairs. The affordable, you-decide-how-much-gas-it-uses car. Instead, you will be nudged toward electric cars - and very small cars, which will be the only cars you'll still be able to afford.
And that goes for gassing them up them, too.

The Man in the Mask will make you pay more for gas - in the name of reducing the gasses emitted by cars. This was a key element of the Paris Climate Accord, which Trump nixed but which is on its way back, courtesy of the selection of the new El Presidente.
If this Third World "election" stands.
Perhaps it won't. We'll soon see.
If it does, it's over. And not just for cars.
. . .
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