GM used to hire engineers - and build cars. Now it counts beans - and signals virtue.
Word arrives that GM will henceforth explicitly judge applicants for employment based on how they look - i.e., the color of their skin - openly repudiating the quaint idea that academic and other earned qualifications ought to be the sole criteria for employment.
Your hue will count as much as your degree - a surefire recipe for competence in critical work such as engineering.
But then, GM is doing less of that these days while doing a great deal more in the way of signaling and perhaps different CV are relevant for work of that nature.
It’s not just GM, either.
The pharmaceutical combine Merck - one of the developers of the Holy Jab - is on board, which will surely engender confidence in the due diligence of the people who mixed and tested whatever's in the Holy Jab - along with WalMart, Verizon, American Express, Caterpillar and IBM and others who have joined a new racial combine styled the OneTen initiative, whose purpose is to put race first while insisting not to approve is - can you guess? - racist.
Mass hiring of black people - because they are black people - is the goal.
The initiative will “focus on hiring and training black workers without four-year degrees” in order to provide them with “family sustaining” jobs that pay on average $50,000 annually.
But this is not racist.
It is racist - in the world-turn'd-upside-down - to point out that it is the very definition of racist to focus on race. So better not, if you want to keep your job. But what else is it to literally seek out and advantage people on account of their skin color, which necessarily entails disadvantaging people who happen to be the wrong skin color? But doing wrong when you're doing right is good . . . in this world turn'd upside down.
Members of the initiative will “agree to specific hiring targets” - i.e., to specific quotas - beginning the second quarter of 2021. An astounding $100 million has been committed toward the effort, which aims at the hiring-by-race of 1 million black workers, for work they may not be competent to perform but which you'd better not question because - you knew it was coming - that would be racist.
Racial genuflection being the thing desired - the mandatory veneration, practically, of one race in order to assuage the racial grievances of the members of that race by practicing racism against people of other races - to make amends for what the people of that race didn't do to the people of the first race.
It's a lot of bother about race. Weren't we trying to get beyond that?
Automotive Affirmative Action is certain to have grand results. Cars designed and assembled by people with top-shelf racial curriculum vitae are sure to be safe and reliable, especially given such people - once hired - are almost impossible to fire even in the face of gross incompetence since they were not hired on the basis of the competence and thus to fire them for incompetence would be, you know . . . racist.
But we all know - because we are so instructed - that the establishment of overtly racial hiring (and not-firing) policies is certain to not summon up resentment and create racial animus, especially where none existed previously - as opposed to the mean old past when what you did (competently or not) mattered a great deal more than your hue.
None of this is new for GM, which began truckling to racists who happen to be black a long time ago.
In the ‘90s - decades before “woke” became a thing - GM supported (with advertising) something styled African Americans on Wheels, a publication devoted to an explicitly racist take on all things automotive, from car reviews (because it isn’t racist to take the view that blacks view cars differently than people of other hues) to dealer relations (it’s obviously or at least suggestively racist if a given store hasn’t got “x” many black sales staff, managers and so on).
Today, this “identity based” empire - which isn’t racist at all - publishes Latinos on Wheels and Asians on Wheels, too. Because Latinos and Asians also think differently about cars than whites do.
That's not racist, either.
Meanwhile, GM now has a vice president of diversity who is paid handsomely to make sure that race is never off the table whenever anything is discussed and had an east coast public relations manager for one of its brands whose sexual identity was made a big issue of, as at events such as Out With Chevrolet . . . get it?
Because sexual preference determines your vehicular preferences. There are - apparently - cars for gays just as there are cars for blacks and Asians and whites, as opposed to just cars and the individuals who favor them for reasons such as their styling or utility or value or what's under the hood.
But never mind that. We're not in the business of making cars anymore. We are in the business of remaking society.
. . .
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