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Thread: Parts & Ammo

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    Parts & Ammo

    Some people are stocking up on ammunition, which is never a bad idea as ammo retains its value better than gold or silver and - unlike gold and silver- is actually useful in and of itself.
    Another item of similar usefulness to consider stocking up on is service/replacement parts for your car, which may become hard-to-get in the weeks and months and (god help us) years ahead as well as more expensive to get.
    And not just in terms of money.
    Things like engine oil and filters, tune-up parts (e.g., spark plugs, spare spark plug wires, coils, distributor caps, brake pads) and the other items that need to be periodically replaced to keep the wheels turning. You may want to have them stocked up before they are no longer stocked.
    And before you’re forced to join the Sickness Cult as the condition of being allowed to buy them. Not just at the store, either.
    What if - and these what ifs are no longer extreme scenarios - it becomes a Bidenite “mandate” that in order to buy - even online - you must produce evidence of The Jab having been received? Pope Fauci XVII has already been so intimating and in a week or so the Jehovah's Witness of Sickness will no longer be constrained to merely intimate. It is expected that, once anointed, the new Defender of the Faith, Joe Biden, will decree the universal wearing of the Holy Rag and it is likely he will follow up with a requirement for a more permanent induction into the Sickness Cult via the ministrations of the Holy Jab.
    This will not be enforced by law, probably. Religious movements don’t need laws when they have the power of excommunication.
    Apostates and heretics will simply be cast out. Excluded from life, shunned. The Holy will turn their backs on them - and close their doors to them.
    They are not “of the body.”
    Some kind of digital certificate of baptism may become the prerequisite not only to enter an establishment but to buy online as well. Bear in mind who owns Amazon and what Amazon has already shown it is more than willing to do to those who don’t think - don’t beeelieve - correctly.
    What then?
    Another possibility is that parts for non-electric cars will be made massively more expensive, so as to create an incentive to get rid of non-electric cars by making it too expensive to "cling" to them.
    Bear in mind the Green New Deal and the open promise to "electrify" the country by 2030. This will not happen by asking.
    There will be telling.
    It could come in the form of taxes applied to anything having to do with the upkeep of a non-electric car, such as a 50 percent applied to every quart of oil. That is probably not high enough, of course, to "nudge" people away from oil changes. It will take something analogous to the way Freon - remember Freon? - was made literally 100 times as expensive as it once was, from about $5 per can to about $100 per can today.
    This technique has already been applied to guns. Without ammo, a gun is as useful as a car without gas. But there is resistance to gun bans. Instead, just make ammo more and more expensive, such that it becomes too expensive to shoot. Or require that gun owners pay an annual exorbitant fee to retain legal possession of the gun. Better yet, do that and tax the ammo.
    Or the oil. Or the tires.
    Soon, very few people will be "clinging."
    Such a thing could be coming with regard to cars that aren't electric. The same mentality is behind both things, remember. It is a mentality that brooks no dissent even as it mouths pieties about "tolerance" and "diversity" . . . provided one agrees and obeys.
    Otherwise, it becomes very intolerant indeed.
    There is compromising with these people; no live - and let live. Make no mistake. They are going for broke and will do anything and everything necessary to shut down opposition. This will include shutting down the opposition's ability to get around.
    Getting through the next several weeks, months and (god help us) years may come down to having everything we need to get through them on hand rather than out of our hands.
    Buy now, while you still can.
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    Hi Eric, have not posted for years since I kind of got out of muscle cars and Corvettes but had to say GREAT POST.

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