Well, the odds caught up with me. A couple of weeks ago, I was at dinner with the GF and she started shivering. She had her coat on inside and asked me to put mine around her. Going home, I had the seat heater for her and the heater on full blast. I was almost to the point of taking her to the ER. She was extremely tired so I took her home and went home early. A few days later, her car battery blew up and I helped her fix it. She told me she had strap and could I take her to pick up her medication. We spent about an hour in the car with no masks.

A couple of days later, I was at work and my back began to ache a bit. Then she called me and during a routine Covid screening (she works in a nursing home) she tested positive. My company has strict protocols to follow. I was sent home and that night I really began to feel bad. The company requires us to wear masks unless we are eating or drinking and it looks like that may have kept others from catching it from me before I left.

Fast forward a week, lots of liquids and rest but I was still feeling poorly. A test at the local clinic showed me positive too. My Doctors office called to see if I would be interested in an experimental monoclonal antibody test as between my age and health issues, I was at risk for hospitalization. They told me the side effects I might get. I didn't have any side effects and didn't notice anything for a little bit. A few hours later it kicked in. I was tired so went to bed early. The next 12 hours were miserable. I got up several times to drink water and took a couple of hot showers to help with the chills. When I finally woke up I actually felt pretty good. It's one of those things where you don't realize how bad you feel until you don't.

Covid-19 is no joke. I was fortunate enough to be blessed with excellent health care workers and prompt medical treatment. Listen to trained medical people and not talking heads in the media that are just looking to raise ratings in rake in more money.