Wearers of the Holy Facial Codpiece insist that it “works” but also that others wear one - indicating it doesn’t.
The fallback rationalization - and with this sickness, there is always a fallback rationalization - is that their Facial Codpiece protects you and thus you wearing what they always like to style “yours” (this is done for the same reason taxes are always predicated with your taxes - imputing agreement before the argument with taxation even begins) is a matter of common decency.
But how so?
Your Facial Codpiece wards off the cooties of others - assuming it "works" - and that should be the end of your concern as my health isn’t any concern of yours, much less your responsibility ... as yours isn't mine. I don’t point out your beer belly and lecture you about losing weight - something manifestly related to your health (including your vulnerability to getting sick and getting sicker).
You’d probably tell me to MYOB - and some other things, too - if I, a complete stranger, accosted you in a store about your gut and how it increased your risk of diabeetus and other such things.
And yet people - many of them sporting very impressive guts - feel justified in accosting random strangers without guts whose faces they can see, even though their own faces can’t be seen due to the Codpiece covering it and - presumably - keeping them safe.
Which apparently they worry doesn’t, actually - hence the lastest trend in Facial Copiecing . . . multiple Codpieces. Which makes the wearer look like a ‘70s hair-band rock band front man with a sock in his latex pantaloons only on their faces.
Even doubled-down (and now presumably “working” even better) they still want you to wear “yours.” But not because it “protects” them - or even you; the pretense that they are that concerned about the “health” of random strangers is as laughable as it is unctuous. These people don’t give a shit about your “health,” the evidence being abundant that they don’t care much about their own.
Most of the Codpiece Wearers aren’t fit; indeed, there is an inverse relationship between actual health and the wearing - or not - of the Codpiece, which is the sartorial expression of a disconnected belief in the idea of being "healthy."
If you want to see healthy faces, go to a gym. When you can’t see a face, look at the body. Odds are it is flabby. These fatties could decrease their chances of getting sick by orders of magnitude by working out - vs. the "working" Codpieces over their faces - but instead, these people feign concern about the health of people who are actually healthy, as by working out.
And not pretending they are sick.
The flabby are also over-represented among the ranks of those who advocated - and who enforce - the “locking down” of gyms and the general crippling of anything actually healthy, such as not sitting at home all day watching TeeVee while eating until you can’t eat anymore because there’s nothing else to do.
So , no - they aren’t exercised about your health.
Or theirs.
They are determined to make you complicit in the unhealthy. By making you wear what they wear, so as to make the wearing of it as expected - as normal - as the wearing of a shirt in public.
Which is an apt as well as an inapt comparison. Apt because both shirt and Codpiece are articles of clothing and social conventions are involved.
Inapt because while the not-wearing of a shirt may annoy those who prefer not to see your hairy belly it has no bearing on the health of others or even on the not-wearer himself. It is simply a matter of difference over aesthetics.
But with the difference being the marketing of the new article of clothing as having medicinal value, which is funny - and alarming at the same time - because the wearers who insist everyone wear don't really believe in the touted medicinal value any more than the people who don't wear. If this weren't so, the wearers wouldn't be wearing two Codpieces - or even three - if the one actually did "work."

Since the one is now admitted to not "work" - hence the new requirement for two, per the man who was selected president - you'd think they'd think about whether wearing more than one does more than increase their bulge.
But that would be thinking - and the only thing worse than thinking is acting on it.
. . . .
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