Now highways are racist - and must be cancelled.
So saith the new Oberbefehlshaber der Transport - Pete Buttigieg. Whose bona fides to hold this office are purely political. Hiring him for this gig is like hiring Fauci to play lead guitar for Van Halen.
At any rate:
“Black and brown neighborhoods have been disproportionately divided by highway projects or left isolated by the lack of adequate transit and transportation resources.”
Come again?

How does it “isolate” anyone - black or brown or whatever their shade - when it is easy to get anywhere, as the godfather of soul, James Brown, once sang about, back when America was still sane? Just slide behind the wheel, how does it feel?
Pretty damned good.
That's what living in America is like.
Thanks to the Interstate Highway System, which made Americans individually mobile. That's what James Brown's anthem is all about - and it's what people like Buttigieg want Americans to forget all about.
Prior to its existence, there was Route 66 - which in many places was a meandering two-lane that went directly through downtowns.
It was scenic - a TV show was made about it - but it was far from easy to get anywhere. It wasn't an arterial system, like the Interstate system. It went from the midwest to LA and if you wanted to get anywhere else, you took side roads and that took a long time.
Families couldn't just get in the car and drive to Disneyland - or to see their grandparents in an adjacent state.
Not over a long weekend, anyhow.
People outside of cities were, indeed, "isolated" . . . before there were “superhighways, coast to coast.”
Most people stayed close to where they lived, because they had no choice. They could not just slide behind the wheel. Many didn't even own cars; they walked or took government-controlled - styled “public” - transport to work or the store, if the walk was too far.
They were not individually mobile in the way that Americans have come to take for granted. And that is what Buttigieg wants to take away - just without saying so.
Instead, he says:
“In the Harris-Biden administration, we will make righting these wrongs an imperative.”
But how, precisely? Assuming it is wrong to make it easy to get anywhere by car - and by yourself?
A hyphenated fellow traveller by the name of Janet of Sadik-Khan - who is an “urban planner” and chair of something styled the National Association of City Transportation Officials - is less evasive.
She - presumably - says:
“The administration is laying the transformational groundwork to rebuild the streets that we have to prioritize people, safety and climate—and going all-in on transit as the first mobility option for America’s future.”
Italics added for purposes of deconstruction.
What that means is fewer superhighways - and more busses. Fewer cars - that aren't electric - which by their nature diminish mobility by applying The Wait to any trip which exceeds 50 percent of the already limited EV's get there and back range.
Vast sums are to be spent on electric vehicle "fast" charging infrastructure, which will do nothing for the lower-income black and brown (and other color) people who cannot afford to spend $40,000 for an electric car - and never mind how far it doesn't go or how long the Wait to get going again.
It does not occur to people like Sadik-Khan or Buttigieg and his master, Kamela Harris, that low-income people do not earn $40,000 a year. They are low-income people. The electric car push will push these people off the road first - and into the government-controlled wait for the bus or train.
This being the "transit" limned by Sadik-Khan, who was previously an operative for New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg.
Which "transit" you'll be allowed to ride . . . if you obey. Put on that "mask." Take your shot. Show your passport. You'll "transit" on the government's schedule, at its pleasure. No more easy to get anywhere for you. As you wish, when you wish, on no schedule except your ow.
How doe that make you feel?
She also speaks of "safety" - for "all users."
Emphasis (again) not on drivers.
Instead, cyclists and walkers. Roads into and thus out of cities are to be put on a diet - heir wording. Dachau style - in order to get rid of them entirely. Literally. Just called something differently: "vision zero." Which means zero motor vehicle fatalities, to be achieved by zero motor vehicles.
It's all part of the Harris-Biden regime's $2 trillion "plan." Which will "advance racial equality and environmental justice" - by making everyone as equally immobile as feasible.
"It's big. It's Bold. And we can get it done," says the president selected.
Indeed, it is very big.
A big step backward, toward a time before it was easy to get anywhere in this country, especially for low-income people - who could afford to buy and feed a beat-up old jalopy to take them out of the city and to greener pastures.
"We" can't have that, anymore.
It's racist, you see.
. . .
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