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Thread: Riding schools/links

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    Riding schools/links

    Motorcycle riding schools/racing organizations:

    Riding Schools

    American Supercamp

    CLASS Motorcycle Schools

    DP Safety School

    Ed Bargy Racing School

    Fastrack Riders

    Freddie Spencer's High-Performance Riding School

    Jason Pridmore's Star Motorcycle School

    Keith Code's California Superbike School

    Keith Code's Race and Competition Experience School

    Kevin Schwantz Suzuki School

    Learning Curves Roadrace School

    Penguin Racing School

    Visionsports Riding Schools

    Racing Organizations

    AMA American Motorcyclist Association

    AMCRA Atlantic Motorcycle Competition Riders Association

    AFM American Federation of Motorcyclists

    AHRMA American Historic Racing Motorcycle Association

    ASM Association Sportive Motocycliste

    CCS Championship Cup Series

    CMA Canadian Motorcycle Association /

    CMRA Calgary Motorcycle Roadracing Association

    CMRA Central Motorcycle Roadracing Association

    CMRRA California Motorcycle Road Race Association

    CRA Central Roadracing Association

    EMRA Edmonton Motorcycle Roadracing Association


    Formula U.S.A. /

    GLRRA Great Lakes Road Racing Association /

    GPRA 125 Grand Prix Riders Association www.gpra.or

    HRRA Hawaii Road Racing Association

    LRRS Loudon Road Racing Series

    MARRC Mid-Atlantic Roadracing Club

    MRA Motorcycle Roadracing Association /

    OMRRA Oregon Motorcycle Road Racing Association

    USCRA United States Classic Racing Association

    WERA Western Eastern Roadracer's Association

    WMRC Westwood Motorcycle Racing Club

    WMRRA Washington Motorcycle Road Race Association

    WSMC Willow Springs Motorcycle Club

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    Re: Riding schools/links


    Would the Motorcycle Safety Foundation (MSF) fit in the list somewhere? Or did I simply over look it.



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    Re: Riding schools/links

    Absolutely - my omission; MSF is a great outfit!

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