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Thread: 10 cars most likely to preserve your honor

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    Re: 10 cars most likely to preserve your honor

    I think that the body rested on some sub frame. He had a full roll cage inside. Except for the bigger tires and the low rumble it was bone stock

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    Re: 10 cars most likely to preserve your honor

    Quote Originally Posted by Eric
    Given the 45 mph limit, that would have been a serious bust! (I'm two miles from the Parkway and in the same neighborhood you were driving...!)
    We had gone around several curves at that speed when he wisely decided to cool it off. Our speed had dropped to ~60 mph when we rounded one last curve to be surprised with a park ranger coming the other way. All he did was give us a "slow it down" wave. Too bad the Cherokee hadn't opened their casinos at that time, because we could have cleaned up, with the luck we had that day.

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    Re: 10 cars most likely to preserve your honor

    You were lukcy!

    60 mph is the point at which they'll generally pull you... some will pull non-locals going over 50, just to make a point.

    I keep it toned down on the Parkway because you never know what's around the corner - folks walking in the road, cyclists - and, of course, deer. It's also just a nice quiet drive; I cruise it at 50-something going into town.

    Now, Rt. 8 and Rt. 221 are a different matter - esp. this one stretch of about 2 miles that's straight, with excellent lines of sight and just private driveways (allof which you can see from some distance away; no surprises). I routinely let the Kaw stretch its legs to 150-something here!

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