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Thread: 1964 Ford Mustang

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    Re: 1964 Ford Mustang

    Quote Originally Posted by Pete
    The best example I can think of this was the 1984 Corvette which was released the first week of March 1983.
    Wasn't that because there were no '83 Corvettes? The model had so many problems almost none of them were produced, and even fewer shipped?

    Ah, here it is:

    Forty-four produced, none shipped, all but one destroyed.

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    Re: 1964 Ford Mustang

    I like reading all the great things about the 'tang. But to think that I had one of the greatest jobs at that time. Working for a ford dealershipI was the envy of all. For every time a new shipment came in, and before they hit the showroom, I had the pleasure of DRIVING these cars in the shop for predelivery clean and tune ups. Working for a small stote does have it's 'perks'. That is also the same year that the Ford Falcon came out with it's new body style. Which I fell in love with. They looked like they were going 90 miles an hour standing still. I wanted one when they they first hit the show room floor. We had heard rumers that a new car could be coming out based on the Falcon chassis. We sure sold a lot of 'tangs, but I'm still glad that I got the falcon that I wanted. It took only 30+ years to find one. But it has all the perks that I wanted. 289 ci. 4 speed, all the bells and whistles, and , did I mention, it's also topless. And I love jerking a hard core Mustang owner around by telling them that if it was not for the FAALCOOONN, it's hard telling when the Mustang would have come out, and what it may have looked like. ...thanks

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