Sport bikes (as I'm sure you know!) are very different animals from cruisers. 12,,000-15,000 RPM (or more!) redlines are common.

I like redlines around 5K and rarely get anything near it. I am not sure what my DR200SE runs at, but I assume it's faster. It has no tach. But it seems reasonale for such a small engine.

I was never a speed freak, but I have been over 100 MPH on my Venture and I have been at top speed on my BMW. But that was when I was a lot younger. I was 21 when I purchased my new 1971 BMW R75/5. The main thing I liked was the 6.3 gallon gas tank (as advertised). More miles to a tank of gasoline than any other bike at the time. However, they lied like hell in all motorcycle specs in those days and a dry tank would only fill to 5.8 US Gallons.

Back in those days, I had a CA Class Four "motorcycle only" driver's license. When I met Tom in 1974, the first thing he did was to teach me to drive a car (in his new 1974 Dodge Cornet Custom).

Before the BMW bike, I had a 1968 Honda CL350 (before the army). A couple of years before that, I had a Honda 90 with an automatic clutch. I have been riding motorcycles since I was 15.

-Don- (back in SSF)