Golden Fuel Systems (formerly Greasel Conversions)
will be hosting their second annual Golden Gathering
on the 28th and 29th of July.

Golden Fuel Systems is the world leader in converting diesels to run on new and used vegetable oil.

Guest speakers will include Charles Anderson, president of Golden Fuel System?s, Jerry McClain of McClain Performance and Ray Holan Author of the book Sliding Home. Along with these guest speakers there will be demonstrations of some of the exciting new technologies in the alternative energy world.

Attending this event will be people from all across the country who are interested in alternative energy and have converted their vehicles to run on waste vegetable oil.


Golden Edge ? Alternative Fuel Programmer
Computer modules that can be uploaded or installed on diesel engines that modify the existing computer module to more efficiently burn bio diesel or straight vegetable oil.
SG150 Solar Generator
Self contained solar unit that can be easily setup for use in a variety of different applications.
True Flow Air Filter
Revolutionary new reusable air filters that are cleaner and more efficient than any other filter on the market.
One Shot Filtration System
The most important breakthrough in filtering waste vegetable oil on the go to date.

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