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Thread: RFID doesn't prevent autotheft

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    RFID doesn't prevent autotheft

    Eric -
    Have you read this?

    Chip H.

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    Re: RFID doesn't prevent autotheft

    Interesting stuff.

    I wonder how easy it is to acquire the receiver for a car secuirity 'passive' system and work from there to de-code and steal... maybe the makers of cars hope that few people will try this... at least not enough to affect insurance too much?

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    Re: RFID doesn't prevent autotheft

    Hi Chip,

    I hadn't seen this partiuclar story but I'm aware of the issue - makes you wish for old timey keys, huh?

    I don't see the attraction (of the keyless/remote systems) myself. Like cell phones, they are just another encrustration of expensive and complex technology we don't really need but have convinced ourselves we do!

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