Going back in time traffic engineers soon learned that they had to come up with a method of giving one vehicle the right away over another, and so the STOP sign was born. It wasn't long before it was realized that on some roads a motorists could sit at that stop sign all day without a break in traffic, and so the 4-way STOP cam into existence. New problems were developing and the solution was to put up YIELD signs on some roads. This gave the motorists the option of stopping if there was traffic, or continuing to travel if it was clear.

The traffic engineers were very pleased with the above solution to the problem. However, the city/county/state fathers weren't happy because they could not collect revenue in the current situation.So the battle began.
Many STOP signs have been erected illegally. For instance, A STOP sign should not be used for speed control.

I mentioned in a previous post that the best way to fight a speeding ticket is to partition the council to do a study on the STOP sign usuage. don't assume that one has been done, however, if it has been, asked for a copy of the study. Be aware of illegal STOP signs and work toward getting rid of them.

If you do get a ticket for running a STOP sign and you didn't see it, take photos of the area and why you didn't see the sign to present in court. Judges love photos.