So, you have gotten a speeding ticket and you want to know how to fight it. You know that you were doing nothing wrong, but how do you prove it.

The easiest way to fight a ticket is to be prepared before you ever receive one. Think about your driving. Is it ?Home, Nellie, to the barn,? in cruise control? Or are you aware of your surroundings? Have you noticed brake lights ahead and vehicles slowing down, especially our good friends the truckers? Or are you zooming ahead passing everyone? This is one of the times that 10-15 mph faster than the posted speed limit unspoken rule of the road doesn?t count. Believe me, if there is a hungry ?Bear? up ahead, trying to get his non-existent quota met ? ?Tag, you?re it!?

Ok, let?s say that you?re singing along with the radio and cruising down the road, it is a nice day, and a nice highway ? ?Man,? you think, ?I feel great! ? Nothing can stop me now,? when suddenly you hear WeeeeEEEEoooo, and glance up in your rear view mirror to see flashing blues. You realize that you?ve just become ?Bear bait.?

The next 15 minutes are important if you want an easy way to fight a ticket. Remember, anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law. Officer Friendly is trained to help you let down your guard and tell all. Start preparing today for this ticket ? practice, practice, and practice ? ?Hello Officer, what is the problem?? In a soft friendly tone, with a pleasant smile on your face. Not too happy or too bright of a smile lest he think you are high, or worse, mocking him. No arguing, no swearing, and no lying! If you have a bona fide excuse, like you?ve just sliced your hand off and you?re rushing to the hospital to get it sewn back on ? go ahead, tell him, he may just help you, but don?t count on it.

Ok ? ?Bear meat,? the cop is gone now, take a few deep breaths to stop hyperventilating. Planning starts right now. Get out your camera and take some pictures of the area, especially the speed limit sign and any obstructions. Got paper or a notebook? Good! Write down every single detail and thought that you?ve had since the cop pulled you over. This will help keep the event fresh in your mind, as you prepare to fight your ticket.

In the weeks before your hearing date, check your planner to see how busy you will be. Fighting a ticket takes time and patience. Do you know the law in your state? Is the speed limit ABSOLUTE? This refers to a speed limit that is unlawful to exceed under any circumstances. Or is it PRIMA FACIE? Which means by exceeding a posted or statutory prima facie speed limit, a motorists is presumed guilty of speeding. However, if a motorist can prove that the speed traveled was reasonable and prudent, the motorist could be found not guilty. Do not confuse Not Guilty with Innocent.

If you have not already had your vehicle calibrated for accuracy of speed, do so now. This certificate could be beneficiary for you in court.

You will need to familiarize yourself with how traffic court works in your state. Can you have a jury trial ? highly recommended, or will you appear before a magistrate? Prepare yourself by studying court procedures from books, cassette tapes and videos. NATIONAL MOTORISTS ASSOCIATE has several helpful books and tapes. One excellence tape is the GUERILLA TICKET FIGHTER. NMA most outstanding help is their LEGAL RESOURCE KIT, complete with state traffic laws and video of a court procedure. Every ticket fighter should have one!

As the trial date nears, visit the courtroom that you have been assigned to. Familiarize yourself with the procedures, with the court personal; find the cafeteria and rest rooms. Make yourself comfortable, after all the people you will be dealing with feel very comfortable in this environment.

Finally, believe in yourself ? you can do it!

Gail ? The Speed Goddess

Disclaimer: I am not an attorney and I do not give legal advice. My suggestions are based on experience ? either my own or those I have conferred with. If you are in danger of losing your driver?s license you may need to retain an attorney. NMA offers the names of qualified attorneys in every state for their members. Call: 1-800-882-2785