Awe we all looking for FREEDOM? I think so. Our vehicles are a symbol of that freedom. It is great having a good, highway to travel on. I know that I want wide, multiple lanes, well-maintained roads with few restrictions. This isn't unreasonable, this expectation is our right. We pay high taxes at the gas pump to ensure that this occurs.

Most of us are smart, many of us are of above average intelligence. We have been trained to be skilled drivers. Is it any wonder that when the state tries to control us by passing unreasonable laws that they are setting up the cause of so many of us ignoring those laws? The Safely Nannies give platitudes about our safety -- are they kidding?!?!?! They want control. They want to control us, and we are offended, more than offended, we are outraged. We know that the highways are safer than they have ever been, our vehicles are safer and we are better drivers. Statistics bear out this statement.

However, in order to take back our due on the roadway, we have to make our presence known. As Eric Peters wrote recently, '. . .we vote with our right foot . . .' Yes, we do. But, with the number of traffic tickets issued at any one time, and the amount of revenue collected, right now we aren't winning. We need to be heard loud and clear in state legislative sessions, local DOT meetings, and even the law enforcement agencies.
We need to do this BEFORE WE GET THAT TICKET. We need to be in their face -- the Safety Nannies are already.

Give 'em hell!