Many of you who are involved in the old car hobby - or want to become involved - may be concerned about the rapidly escalating prices of '60s and '70s-era muscle cars, many of which are now more expensive than a new Corvette. Part of the reason for the rapid uptick in the price of classic-era muscle cars is the passage of time; these cars are now 30, 40 years old - and they won't be building any more of them. The days when you could find decent "drivers" parked in the back lot of second-rate used car lots are long gone. The relative handful that remain are typically well-cared-for (or restored) or basket cases. Most owners know their value, too.

But part of the reason for the rapid uptick in prices has been the introduction of speculators - people who aren't interested in the cars as such, but who buy them as fast-appreciating "investments" - with the intentionof making a buck on them, not wrenching on them.

What is your opinion of this? And is there anything that can realistically be done to keep the old car hobby accessible to average people of modest means?

What do you say?