LAST UPDATED: August 11, 2006

(07/06) Mesa's red-light camera program will begin issuing tickets again by July 14. Tickets will be $195.

(07/06) The Assembly Transportation Committee approved SB 1613, a bill that would require motorists who talk on their cell phones to use a headset while driving.

(07/06) The California Supreme Court extended the authority of police to search both the driver and passengers of vehicles in traffic stops, even when the basis of the search is nothing more than a missing front license plate. The court found that a passenger is not "seized" by a traffic stop and can ignore the police and leave the vehicle at any time.

(08/06) Senator Tom Gaffey is asking that the state institute a return of the 55-mile-per-hour speed limit on Connecticut highways. He is citing gasoline and safety reasons for this action.

(08/06) The American Civil Liberties Union of Iowa is attacking photo radar. They are asking courts to dismiss these tickets on the basis that the city lacks authority to depart from state speeding laws where the identity of the driver must be shown and constitutional rights of the accused apply.

(08/06) Attorney General Tom Reilly proposed a massive traffic safety crackdown in Massachusetts that includes more surveillance cameras at traffic lights, mandatory sobriety checkpoints, night curfews for teen drivers and free rein for cops to pull over motorists who don't wear seat belts.

(07/06) North Platte police are researching whether they can charge motorists with child abuse if they smoke in their vehicle with children present. This is based on a recent release by the U.S. Surgeon General. "It is evident when reviewing this report that second-hand smoke around children is the most insidious form of child abuse," said North Platte Police Chief Martin Gutschenritter. "We simply did not feel we could overlook it. The fact that the injury isn't immediate, we feel is irrelevant."

(07/06) A judge has ordered the city of Girard to shut down its speed camera system. The judge ruled that the city illegally changed traffic violations from the criminal code to a civil infraction in order to use the cameras.

(07/06) Due to a new ordinance passed by the City Council, Ogden police will need to write double the amount of tickets in order to score higher on evaluation criteria. This criteria will be used to determine the pay raise for each officer.

(08/06) State officials say the speed limit on Interstate 85 will soon be raised from 65 miles per hour to 70, although it is not clear when the new speed limit signs will be placed.

Courtesy National Motorists Association,