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    Do you really want to know how to fight a ticket? There isn?t some magical formula to make it go away. Some would tell you, "Just don't speed!" However that little formula will not necessarily prevent you from getting a ticket. Remember the key words in the game: Revenue and Quota. It is known that everyone speeds, and even if you weren't at the time the ticket was given, you did at one time in your life, and therefore you will feel guilty enough to pay the ticket without question. Enuff said! For those who want to prevent points against their license, there is always the traffic school. There! That should appease everyone. Right? Everyone except people like me, and many others that won't allow the system to run rough-shod over them.

    I won't kid you -- ticket fighting is hard, inconvenient and humiliating. It takes the balls of a brass monkey to waltz into the hallowed courts and be presumptuous enough to cross the bar. But if you are up to it, I can tell you how I did it. This is where I insert my disclaimer. I do not give legal advice. I am not an attorney. I can only tell you what I have done, and relate what others have done to succeed in either fighting and winning their case in court or getting the charges dismissed. I will say that if you are in danger of losing your license, e.g., drunk driving, reckless driving, accident involvement, etc. I do recommend that you hire an attorney to represent you. National Motorists Association has a list of traffic-related offence attorney that they give to their members. Check it out: <>

    When you are stopped, you need to be as polite as possible and to stay as low-key as possible. You want John Law to forget you; therefore don't make yourself to stand out to him in a confrontation. You will have to play it by ear when you are first stopped as there are some excuses that will get you a warning. Tears never work for men, but sometimes for women. They love to hear your excuses in hopes of hearing a new one. (Speeding Excuses that Work: The Cleverest Copouts & Ticket Victories Ever! by Alex Carroll is a good and funny book).

    If a ticket is forthcoming and John Law is particularly grim, be sure to write down everything you observe about him, so that you can identify him when you get in court. He will be writing down notes about you for the same reason. Ask him/her what method of speed clocking he used, if he refuses to give out this information, you can subpoena it later. Be prepared to take pictures. Judges love pictures.

    Make a dry run to the court house prior to the date of your hearing. Find out the parking issues and where you can park. Visit the clerk?s office, and sit in on a hearing or two to familiarize you with their procedures. Most of us have never been in a court prior to getting a ticket. For the officer, judge and other court members that you will be dealing with ? this is just another day at the office. Find out if you will be appearing before a judge or a magistrate? Can you have a jury or not?

    On the day of the hearing, arrive early. Show respect for the court by wearing suitable clothes. A T-shirt, flip-flops and shorts are NOT suitable clothes. The judge will judge you guilty right then and there. Of course, you have the freedom to dress any damn well you please, but do you want to try to win the judge over, or prejudice your case? Look around to see if the police officer that gave you a ticket is there. This is where your written description you wrote down at the time you got the ticket will come in handy. If he is not in court, ask for your case to be dismissed right then and there. If he is, plead Not Guilty and asked for a delay. Tell the judge that you need more time to prepare your case.

    One of the key advices that I can give you is to bridle your emotions. Do not become angry. Remember you are innocent until proven guilty ? this is your right as a citizen. You do not have to help them prove you guilty, so don?t! Saying Not Guilty is not perjury, lying on the witness stand under oath is. If you did the things that they are claiming you did ? do not put yourself on the stand. Choose your words carefully.

    Good luck!

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    Hi Gail,

    I think the best part of the advice you gave is to not automatically roll over; to fight the thing by any and all effective means. I've wriggled out of several tickets over the years. It can be done - but as you say, it is not easy or pleasant. But it is worth it!

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