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Thread: Save money - Say no to new!

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    Re: Save money - Say no to new!

    I agree with most of what you are saying. The trick is to ditch the car before you are repairing it more than say twice a year. Of course, if you own a domestic make, you are more likely to be dumping money into it throughout, or at least after the warranty expires.

    My direct experience with my 2001 Saturn L100 is as follows:

    2002 - Clutch slave cyl $250.00 - 39,000 miles
    - Turn Signal Switch - $133.00
    - Tires $400
    2003 - Intermediate shaft $175 (steering)
    2004 - Turn signal lights $300
    - A/C Repair $200.00
    - Tires $400
    -Stabalizer Bar links - $100 (repair done by me)

    2005 - Struts and Clutch Repalcement - $1900
    - Tires - $400

    2006 - FI Cleaning x2 (bad gas) - $200
    - Turn Signal Switch $465

    I'm not counting routine maintenance in this list, just major wear items and repairs. The latest one with the switch is ridiculous.

    Overall, I'd say that it is still cheaper to maintian this car versus doing the car payment thing. If I start to have years like 2004 and 2005 again, I'll be looking to replace this vehicle. Until then, I'm okay with things as they are, although I miss the new car smell. That is why I use the hell out of air freshener to keep this vanilla sled on the road.

    Tires, tires & tires.
    How many miles on the car?

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    Re: Save money - Say no to new!

    I bought this car over a Honda Civic. I needed a midsize car versus a small Civic. I felt it would be better on long road trips. The car has overall been pretty good. Struts and clutch are normal repairs that would occur on any car under my driving conditions.

    By the way, I forgot to add brakes:

    2004: Brakes (including new rotors) - $600.00

    I forgot that actually Saturn reimbursed me for the tail lights in 2005 under a recall.
    Overall, I can't complain about the cars reliability. I haven't been left at the side of the road save for this one time with the ignition switch.

    I also believe in buying American cars whenever possible, however, GM with their ON-Star and Ford, with their lousy designed by beancounter quality, are making it difficult for me to be somewhat loyal.

    I used to own an Accra Integral and it had some significant reapair bills as well. When I was ready to sell the car at 130,000 miles, it had the following wrong with it:

    A/C Compressor
    Slipping Clutch
    Cracked windshield
    Wheel shaking at 45+ mph (not wheel balance, either)
    Exhaust system leak
    Body work (of course, my fault...)

    This is a car that I should have bit the bullet, had everything repaired and kept driving it. With the right amount of care, you can keep a car running for a long, long time. The Accra never left me stranded.

    I had a 1901 Toyota Starlet that I kept on the road for 24 years before selling it. It was a very nice, simple car that gave many reliable years of service. It was also cheap to fix, and most of the time, I could repair it myself.

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    Re: Save money - Say no to new!

    Quote Originally Posted by TC
    I a

    Tires, tires & tires.
    How many miles on the car?
    130,000... One set of tires was so bad that I had to replace them..I get tires once every 2 years on average. I would pefer not to, but it seems to work out that way.

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    Re: Save money - Say no to new!

    ...if I get a full season out of the sport tires on my ZRX, I am happy!

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