EP 1984 has arrived!

Hi, I'm here to help you fight your traffic ticket. I am not an attorney, but I've schooled myself in the art of fighting traffic tickets. I have gotten a few. Some of them I have won, a few tickets were dismissed, but only one fight did I lose. However, if I had been more knowledgeable I would have won that one too. So my objective is to help you become knowledgeable so that you can win yours too.

My first and foremost advice is to learn BEFORE you get a ticket. Believe me when I say, if you drive you will sooner or later get a traffic ticket, and if you drive NMA represents you. For the most part traffic laws are set up to control the public, and to generate revenue. We truly live in 1984. Click on this link and join NMA as fast as you can. http://www.motorists.org/index.html NMA has many resources to help you plan for your next traffic ticket.

The easy way out is to try to plea bargain so there will be no points against your driving record. However, there is a ?got ya? here, in some incidences if you get another ticket in a period of time you might get your driver?s license taken. Of course, there is always driver?s school, but in my estimation this is a waste of time, money and rewards the system. If everyone who got a ticket would fight them, they system would be forced to change. As it is now they count on your feeling guilty, not having enough time to fight, or the money to hire a lawyer. So they continue to get away with bad behavior. But if you have gotten a traffic ticket and want to fight it read on.

If you received a ticket because you are a careless or reckless driver, you are on your own. Just pay your ticket and clean up your act. But, if you are like most of us, who are good, skilled and safe drivers trying to drive from point A to point B in the quickest and safest manner, coping with unreasonable and unjustifiable traffic laws and have gotten a traffic ticket -- you?ve come to the right place. I can help!

Second advice; know in advance that fighting a traffic ticket will take nerves of steel. The deck is stacked against you, and all the people who work in the court house will be treating you as if you are on the 10 Most Wanted List. This is no time to feel guilty or doubt yourself. If you do, your mind will start playing tricks on you, and all the people in the court house will ?Gaslight? you, until you become a ninny groveling on the floor, and you will start to tell them every sin you have committed since kindergarten when you took that kid?s lollypop. This is what cops/DA/judges do best, this is why they have gone into this career - their fiendish desire to watch you squirm and to have control over you.

You must think out your plan of action. Pretend that you are Perry Mason, or Alan Shore. You be in control and believe that they are in the wrong. Remember that, if you are a reasonable and prudent driver, regardless of what the law says, the law is wrong and not you! NOT GUILTY, your honor. The state has the burden of proof, your job is to show what buffoons they all are.

OK, let?s say that you have joined NMA, rented the Legal Resource Kit, studied out your strategy--it is now time to take a good hard look at your appearance and attitude. Give respect to the court by dressing in clean, decent clothes. Women dress modestly--the court won?t appreciate your trying to con them, besides you may get a ?Judge Judy? who would fine you on appearance alone. Men a suit is good, but not necessary. Slacks and a button down shirt will suffice. Just make sure that your clothes are clean, ironed and NO SLOGANS. Be polite and friendly to everyone, but not overly friendly, you don?t want to come across as mocking. Remember they are NOT your friends; always be suspicious of friendly people who work in the court house. At the same time, try to find that one person who will help you along your way. There is always one, and often more. They will be intrigued that you are actually fighting City Hall, and they will silently root you on.

Know that fighting a ticket will not only take nerves of steel, but time, time and more time. You will need to pop in at the court clerk?s office when they least expect you. Also, do the unexpected. As the judge to dismiss your case because (pick whatever you can think of, i.e. officer isn?t in court, speed detection is faulty, etc.

If it appears that you will have to have a hearing, ask for a jury. Subpoena records, reports, documents, people, e.g., the technician who worked on the speed detection equipment/Red Light Camera/etc., subpoena the trainer, traffic engineer, and even the director of law. Be sure to stipulate for them to bring the said manual with them to court, and get a copy before the hearing. Request that your hostile witness have no contact with the other side. You don?t want them primed.

Don?t be afraid of retaliation - if you made big enough waves, they wouldn?t dare touch you. Keeps notes you may want to report one or more officials to the state.

Disclaimer: If you are in danger of losing your license or going to jail, you will need a good attorney. NMA will have a list of traffic attorneys in your area.