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Thread: Ticket Fighting is a game

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    Ticket Fighting is a game

    EP Ticket Fighting is a game

    There is an incredible amount of information online teaching motorists how to fight their traffic tickets. Here is one such link:

    We drive down the road playing a Cat and Mouse game with the cops. Some play this game deliberately trying to out-smart the cops, others are more subtle and creative. Some don?t think about it one way or the other. The latter are the most dangerous as they don?t have a clue as to how fast they were going, and at times not even aware that they have zoned out. Nelly-to-the-barn mentality.

    OK if this is such a fun game, why do so many people roll over when ticketed? Hasn?t the game just begun? If you really believe that you have broken a just law, why have you broken it?

    Now, I personally believe that the law is wrong, therefore I am justified in ignoring it. I have prepared my trip into court long before I receive a ticket. I do not care how nice the officer is to me while giving me a ticket, a bad law is a bad law and fighting it is a must.

    Never just "pay up!" People often just pay the ticket because they think "it's too much trouble to fight." Think about this: if your insurance goes up 15 percent for three years because of one ticket, what's the true cost of that ticket? Let's assume you pay $700 a year in insurance. You would pay an extra $315 in premiums plus the cost of the ticket, and that's just a conservative estimate!

    Prepare to fight before you get that ticket.: Join the National Motorists Association see web site:

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    Re: Ticket Fighting is a game

    I agree!

    One should fight the SOBs tooth and nail - every time!

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    Re: Ticket Fighting is a game

    My little game is about to take an interesting twist. I PMed and e-mailed the both of you. ;D

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