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Thread: Performance modification

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    Performance modification

    Disabling electronic speed limiters in cars is no easy task for the do it yourselfer. In order to do so, you have to get into the electronic brain of the car and reflash the program on another processor chip. For GM cars, there is a group that may be able to do this for your car. From what the website says, you are able to menu pick the parameters that you want set on your car to run premium gas, allow for a larger intake and change tire and wheel sizes.

    FYI, here is the site.

    These guys have done it for many GM models. No word on their ability to do Ford vehicles.

    Another site is :

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    Re: Performance modification

    Hey Swamp,

    Great stuff; thanks for posting this info!

    I am getting old for sure; I can remember when "limiters" were mechanical stops on a carb's throttle arm that could be defeated with hand tools in 10 minutes' time!

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