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Thread: Almost new car time

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    Almost new car time

    I was driving back from the gym this morning, when I nearly got T-boned by another SUV.

    The other driver was behind a car that was turning right, and because of the blocked line of sight, didn't see me, plus decided to go ahead and run the stop sign.
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    Luckily, I was able to stop about 8 feet away from their hood. ABS: working. ;D

    There's no "stop line" painted on the pavement at that intersection. It's a favorite place for the cops to hang out and nab people who run the stop sign. Maybe it's time to point out to the city that it doesn't comply with the MUTCD section 3B.16 with regard to markings.

    Chip H.

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    Re: Almost new car time

    Glad you just had a near-miss!

    And you're right as rain about the line/MUTCD; a real safety issue - which probably explains why nothing's been done about it!

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