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Thread: Malcolm Bricklin movie biography coming soon!

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    Malcolm Bricklin movie biography coming soon!

    Automotive entrepreneur Malcolm Bricklin's business successes and failings over the years have been well documented in the media over the years. All eyes are on Bricklin to see if his grandiose plans for Chinese automaker Chery can meet with Subaru-like success, or whether the result will be more on the order of the dismal failure of his self-named Bricklin 'safety' sports car, or the discount embarrassment that was Yugo's foray into North America.

    But apparently, all of this isn't enough for the once-and-future importer. According to Fortune Magazine's Alex Taylor III, Bricklin is chronicling his daily life leading up to the launch of Chery with a video crew that follows him around 24/7-- reportedly, more than 1,000 hours of footage has been recorded. Could 'Bricklin: The Movie' be far behind?

    [Sources: Fortune Magazine via CNNMoney; AutoNews]

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    Re: Malcolm Bricklin movie biography coming soon!

    I thought that this guy was okay until he toyed with importing automobiles from China. I remember his ads for his car in the back of Motor Trend, Car and Driver and Road and Track back in 1974. I gave him kudos for that and for getting Subaru here, but Chery??? What a Jackass.

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