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Thread: World's Fastest Indian

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    World's Fastest Indian

    I was recently given a Collectors edition DVD of the movie " The World's Fastest Indian.

    It is a great film and Anthony Hopkins plays the part of Burt Munro perfectly. In fact I had to shake my head a couple of times and wonder if it really wasn't Burt. Only a Kiwi who has lived in Invercargill could pick a couple of minor lapses in the Invercargil/Southland accent.
    Director Roger Donaldson made a documentary in 1971 about Burt Munro and Anthony Hopkins protrays some perfectly. This doco is in the Collectors Edition, and I watched it before the movie as I lived in Invercargil at that time and Roger Donaldson used to rent cars from em in my days at Hertz
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    Re: World's Fastest Indian

    I completely agree with you it truly is a great movie. I bought a few months ago and have seen it 3 times my step son thought it looked stupid and halfway through it he had me pause it so he wouldn't miss anything in the bathroom. I'd highly recommend this movie to anyone.

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    Re: World's Fastest Indian

    I haven't yet seen the film - but I hear it is superb.

    I expect no less from Sir Anthony!

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