Tom & I were in a 99 cent store the other day and they had an automotive section with some brands of stuff such as Dot 3 brake fluid I never heard of.

Also, power steering fluid and uncommonly used engine oils and such.

Don't all the cheap fluids have to meet the same specs as the more commonly named brand stuff?

I know often name brands are pure junk, even some expensive stuff such as the Fram Double Guard oil filter, which is the most expensive oil filter out there (about ten bucks). The same with the Pennzoil oil filter (it's really built like a cheap Fram Extra Guard--which is really Extra junky).

For more info on oil filters see:

But if you're in a hurry to get to the bottom line, see:

But since good common names can have junk, is the opposite also often true, where an unfamiliar name and cheaply priced automotive product can be very good? Doesn't often the stuff come from the same places anyway, and just overstock and they put on a different name?

Is DOT3 brake fluid the same as any other DOT3 brake fluid and etc?