For those of you who caught his post on this subject, Pete raised an interesting point about the late '70s Trans-Am with the "T/A 6.6 litre" 400 V-8. His observation was that this engine - which was factory rated at 220-hp - had to have been considerably under-rated given the car's 1/4 mile times and speeds. I think he's spot on.

Another example: The mid-'80s Chevy Monte Carlo SS (and Camaro Z28 with the same basic engine, the L69 305 "HO" V-8). Both cars were rated at 190-hp, max. Yet these heavy (appx. 4,000 lb.) cars still were capable of high 15-second quarters in stock trim .., which, again, strongly suggests their factory hp rating was way off.

I drive brand new cars with about the same (or slightly more) power and they do not feel anywhere near as quick or powerful. A good example - the current Ford Five Hundred. Its V-6 is rated at 200-hp, so it's supposedly more powerful than the old Monte's 305 V-8. But the Monte was a quicker car... .

Seems fudging the hp numbers was not exclusively a '60s thing!