I'm not sure if I made this a topic from a while ago, but I have some first hand information that new enviornmental requirements for diesel eingines are going to negatively affect the fuel efficiency of the modern diesel engine. The company I work for just got a new coach equipped with engines meeting the 2007 EPA requirements for diesels. The results are not pretty. The driver told me that he experienced a 15 percent increase in fuel consumption from 5.9 mpg on the old engines to 5.1 mpg for the new engines. If anyone was expecting diesel engines to be the panacea for fuel economy in 2008, you will be surprised. Look elsewhere. You can thank the overzealous EPA reguulators, along with the 102nd congress, who passed the Clean Air Act of 1990, and of course President Bush 41, and of course, their cheerleaders in the enviromnental movement.

I don't get the logic of burning more fossil fuel to reduce pollutants. Its a crock. Next time you see an environmentalist, slap them around.