America's best-selling vehicle is still an American-brand vehicle -- and still a pick-up truck -- but Ford's full-sized F-150 dropped from 84,168 sold during March of 2006 to 71,481 sold this March, a drop of 18.1 percent. The number-two truck, Chevy's Silverado also wilted a bit, down to 55,626 sold this March vs. 60,833 sold during the same period last year, or down 11.8 percent.

Good news, though, for Toyota. The Camry sedan -- which remains the best-selling passenger car on the market (and third best-selling overall) saw its sales rise 4.5 percent this March relative to the same period last year, up from 38,981 sold to 42,254 sold.

Holding on to fourth place, Dodge's Ram 1500 pick-up dropped by almost the same amount that the Camry rose -- negative 4.6 percent, reflecting a decline from 38,709 sold last March to 38,301 sold this March

Honda's Accord was up sharply -- 18.8 percent -- from 29,623 sold previously to 36,506 sold this month. The Accord is the fifth best-selling vehicle overall.

The number six vehicle, Toyota's Corolla, edged up slightly by 2.5 percent, to 34,355 vehicles sold from 32,312 sold during the same period last year.

Meanwhile, Honda's Civic lost a step, with sales falling 1.1 percent; on the other hand, the CR-V (10th in overall sales) posted a solid 49.2 percent uptick. Nissan's Altima (number nine overall) did ok as well, with sales going up 11.6 percent.

Other winners -- and losers -- in the Top 20 countdown:

* Chevy's Impala sedan posted a solid 14.8 percent uptick -- edging close to 30,000 vehicles sold (28,505) vs. 24,071 during the previous March.

* Toyota's Prius hybrid soared by 133.2 percent, going from just 7,922 sold last March to 19,156 sold this March. The Prius isn't yet n the Top 10 in terms of overall sales, but at number 11, it's knocking on the door.

* Number 12, the Toyota Tacoma pick-up, claimed a 12.3 percent increase in sales -- while Chevy's Cobalt compact, number 13, dropped by 16 percent. That wasn't as bad as the flagging Dodge Caravan, though. Sales of the once-popular minivan fell by 30.1 percent.

* Another Toyota -- the RAV4 crossover -- also did well, with sales climbing by 27.5 percent. Ford's Focus held its ground, with a 1.8 percent increase, as did the Escape compact SUV, with a 1.6 percent uptick.

* The "final three" of the Top 20 are a study in contrasts. GMC's Sierra pickup, which had a strong launch, faltered this March, with sales dropping by 18.1 percent. The number 19 vehicle -- Ford's Fusion -- did much better, with sales climbing by 42.3 percent, up from 10,703 sold last March to 15,790 sold this March. But the Mazda3 sport-compact (coming in at number 20 overall) really cleaned up -- with an 86.1 percent uptick in overall sales.