In order to gain the points at car shows and/or have one sharp looking old muscle car, it's all in the details. No matter how well a car is preserved those little parts need restoring and refinishing. As an example here's a spare tire inflator canister that I have restored for my '79 Trans Am. When I purchased my '79 Trans Am several years ago, it was missing the canister, so last year I finally decided to purchase a good core and restore it back to original condition. Unfortunately all the good cores I saw at the time were $100 or more on Ebay. So after some careful research I realized that other GM cars of that era used the same size spare inflator canister, and could be had for a lot less money.

So I found a good core from a late 1970s Chevy Monza which was the perfect size, only the label and the plastic cap (cap was white instead of blue) where different than the 1979 Firebird/Camaro canister which would have originally come with my car. So I bought the canister for $24.00 (shipping included), then paid $10 for a reproduction 1979 Camaro/Firebird inflator canister paper decal, around $14.00 for 2 cans of spray paint (Ford blue for the canister and GM corp blue for the plastic cap), and $2.00 for 3 unit packet of glue stick (to stick the decal to the cardboard wrapped around the canister). So for $50.00 invested, I now have a canister that looks brand new and was at least half the price of the cores that were correct for my car. Even though this canister originally came out of a Chevy Monza no one will know the difference (not even the eagle eye judges at a car show) since visually it is the same as the '79 Camaro/Firebird unit. Since I only need a visual prop and not a working canister, I don't want to use the canister to pump up a perfect condition spare (which would ruin its value) if I get a flat. I drive my car about 500 miles a year so the likelyhood of a flat tire is pretty slim (also I have a can of flat fix which I hide in the trunk in case I should ever get a flat tire).

Here's a picture of the canister after I completed the restoration: