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Thread: Saw a '55 Ford Crown Victoria this afternoon...

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    Saw a '55 Ford Crown Victoria this afternoon...

    Red and Black.

    Man, they built cars back then!

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    Re: Saw a '55 Ford Crown Victoria this afternoon...

    I saw a 55-ish Ford at a car show a couple years ago, with what was claimed to be the original black paint. It looked almost new.

    That, and the one you saw, may have been a "foreman's friend" car. In those days, if you knew the right people, you could order your car, go to the factory with a case of whiskey, and watch them build it ... with two trips through the paint line and maybe a few undocumented accessory upgrades. They certainly built _some_ of them well.

    Now, they build them all to a much higher standard. ... but when the high tech plastic engine and body parts crumble, they won't be restorable.

    Things change.

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