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Thread: Tire psi?

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    Re: Tire psi?

    I think the difference is in the nature of our roads -- we tend to do much longer distances on smooth (well.. relatively smooth) interstates that have broad curves, so there is little rubber being scrubbed off the tires.

    I have ~40,000 miles on the Goodyears, and they're about halfway through their tread. It's not an especially sticky tire, but it channels water really well and does OK in light snow.

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    Re: Tire psi?

    Quote Originally Posted by Dave Brand
    That's roughly the sort of mileage I was getting from Goodyear NCT2's on my Peugeot 405 - 10 tyres in 62,000 miles. No doubt I could have got higher mileage tyres; I also replace tyres when the tread wears down to 2mm - UK legislation requires a minimum of 1,6mm
    I'm still puzzled. A search tells me that the "NCT2" is a flavor of the Eagle line, and that's what came on the Lumina as OEM equipment which (as I stated) went over 60,000 miles before replacement. I am baffled by the disparity.

    Like most others I observe the "tread wear bars" moulded in - when they appear flush with the rest of the tread there is about 1.8mm tread remaining.

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