I just had a pretty convenient breakdown - if there is such a thing... .

Took the ZRX out to ride and run some errands; at one of the places I needed to stop for a part (electric motor for our wood stove's blower) I noticed the bike was leaking coolant fairly badly. Ugh! And nowhere near home (or tools, or a new radiator - which I think is the problemo).

The good news, though, is that the electric store happens to be located on the same road as my Kawasaki shop - only about 8 miles north of it. So I crossed my fingers - after having called the wife to tell her where I was and where I was headed - and pointed the ZRX in the direction of the Kaw store... and, by the grace of Eddie Lawson, just made it. Literally.

The bike spat out its last drops of coolant about half mile from the store; the red light came on - and I shut her down. I had just enough momentum left to gimp into the lot.

And so I left her....

I'm down to the "old Kaw" now.... but should be back in business in a couple of days. If the new radiator's in stock, anyhow!