Oh to have more time.

The Sunshine Coast has hosted two events on over the past few days.

The Aeromil Pacific Suncoast Classic Rally and Coolum Jets, Model Aircraft

I had a look at both, but saw sections of the Rally at 3 locations.
(Some pics to follow of the rally...even a recently absent Sunday Mystery Photo )

The Model aircraft were great. so many $$ for such little toys! One was worth $AUD 40,000.00!
This was a meeting of turbine aircraft.
A Kiwi had come over for the event with his Hughes 500 helicopter.

Other down time during the weekend was spent watch a couple of recently purchased DVDs
Long way Round .....the video account of Ewan McGregor and Charley Boorman's ride from London to New York on a couple of BMW GS1150s.
Air Australia, a history of Aviation in Australia.

Perfect!!! ;D