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    For Enquiring Minds

    Traffic Safety Annual Assessment -- Preview

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    Re: For Enquiring Minds

    I note that states with increases in motor-vehicle fatalities are primarily in the South. I suspect there's a correlation with the population migration to the area.

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    Re: For Enquiring Minds

    From what I can gather from the data, 10/20 of the states posting a 65 mph limit experienced an increase in fatalities overall. That contrasts with 6/18 of states posting a 70 mph limit and 6/13 states posting a 75 mph limit. It should be noted that 75 mph states are often smaller and have larger yearly fluctuations in their fatality numbers, so that may account for the higher percentage of increases, although it is still not as bad as in the 65 mph states.

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    Re: For Enquiring Minds

    Smaller in population, but not in physical size.

    And Texas has a few counties where the speed limit is 80.

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    Re: For Enquiring Minds

    QLD's road toll is up this year...but so is the population!

    The various politicians will, no doubt, want to get on the band wagon.
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    Re: For Enquiring Minds

    The U.S. death toll last year was down, in spite of increased population, cars, and miles.

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