I am sick of the 'links' unless they relate to a subject already written. Would you send a card or letter to someone with ,
"Hi Gran" with... "Get this! http//:www.fantastic greeting.com"

It sickens me.

So please all you who have connection with people who don't actually have a computer or phone at hand.

Bloody Americans. If they want 5 GB/sec., hey it must be better. And their kids live on coca-cola and Ritalin.

10,000 movies at the touch of a button.. no worries.. kids like to get out there and burn rubber and do things.

This grandpa-style swapping of links is nothing.
But to my relief, some kids excellent in sport are also excellent in playing such as the Cello or even a few operatic baritone, or hip-hop, or ballads.

Thus you see why the US is despised and loved... it will never at the forefront of life, because it is damned by its diversity, it cannot be so, because the finest musicians wrote such notes as, say, Schumann's Piano Concerto 2 , for his love Clara. I don't expect anyone here to be able to be in silence for a long time and then hear, say, the 2nd movement.

I damn modernity.