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Thread: Diesel Cars

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    Diesel Cars

    It seems to me as if automakers are taking their sweet time in getting diesel cars here to the United States. I've heard the shopworn storeis about the Olds 350 conversions and how that has soured the diesel market seemingly forever. I don't buy it. I hear plenty of diesel powered pickups when I'm out on my bike.

    In my opinion, the delay is inexcusable. The only diesel powered vehicles in the US today are high buck Mercedes cars and a couple of leftover 2006 Jettas sitting on VW car lots.

    Every auto manufacturer has diesel powerplants and diesel cars .. for Europe.

    Why are they not available in the United States? Automakers have known about the idiotic emissions requirements for diesels for at least a decade. I think that we should be seeing a lot more than we have so far.What's the deal? Any ideas?

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    Re: Diesel Cars

    There was a weird regulatory hiccup that caused VW to withdraw their TDI cars for 2007. Supposedly they're back for 2008.

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    Re: Diesel Cars

    The Clinton administration pulled a nasty trick on the diesel industry and moved up all the upcoming requirements almost 3 years. The result was that the 2003 diesels weren't ready, and almost everyone had to pay a fine for every engine they sold. The 2007 requirements, which were originally supposed to 2010, are pretty draconian, requiring self-regenerating diesel particulate traps, etc. The 2010 requirements are still being discussed, and may require urea injection and other oddities.

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