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Thread: Comminism Mass Production and Art

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    Comminism Mass Production and Art

    from message in post to Eric, in
    'Fred Thomspson'

    who am I to offer perspective? I just spent some time writing a caption about British circumstances after WW2... we being quite badly hurt by WW2 and some unions survived McCarthhy and went further and were outright destructive .

    What appears NOT to have entered the American psyche, apart from musicians like a few who go beyond gospel and personal anthems, is the nature of communal work to mass-produce.
    Hinted at with 'Born in the US'A' by Springsteen, and beaten-over-the head with Dire Straits 'Telegaph Road', .. mass production was well understood by the 1930s in the USA. I read academic papers from that era, before WW2 about the 'levels of contentment' in the workforce, the unwritten adgenda being more machines more toys and in 1941 more guns.
    The academics wrote in the same way as today. They were employed by a complex mix of universities and corporate interests. The corporates wanted efficiency.

    Communism was not relevant to the USA until the US dropped a nuke.
    Russian armies had under the nom-de-plume 'Communism' . This means team-effort for the greater good, born out of the Industrial Revolution.

    This meant that to some people communistic extremes were justifiable as a defence against capitalists, but in hindsight they should have said, 'facists' or private hegemony and such as was Nazi Germany.

    Thus WW2. [Japan was comparable, but not quite the same..]

    There are few commetatotors today in the media which reach most people in the US and much of Western Europe, who understand what it was like to like in unheated brick houses with very high pregancy-miscarriages backstreet abortion, with class structures which made it very hard for a child to get more than basic education. The impression currently written is that WW2 was conducted by heroic men in aircraft or tank or even hand-to-hand. Ths was true, but factories in the USA and Europe worked day and night for 'freedom' or 'us'.

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    Re: Comminism Mass Production and Art

    This could have been written by Harold Steptoe.

    Who has been writing about the nature of firing a 7MT [Class 7 Mixed Traffic ... 1 being very low power, 9 being very high tractive effort MT being 'mixed traffic, 'P' being passenger 'F' being freight]...

    on a cool afernoon on the two lines between Crew and North Wales
    first on the list, but caption not finished, my apologies...

    In 1957-1960 when this kind of thing was happening I made a photo from my memories of similar trains in the 1960s when I was in my teens. I knew the roughness of the firemen, the quietness of the senior engine drivers, who had rarely done less than a 12-hour day, but knew their machines well [well, most did some were appallingly bad]. For us outiside the USA all engines most engines were hand-fired with various grades of coal, only rarely did you get to know them outside 'work'.
    Rarely, you got a good engine, a late train and clear signals... of course a crew would read every subtlety into every circumstance, just as we read phased traffic signals, and if a rather sickly freight engine with a young crew had departed a full hour ahead with a 'green' fireman and a beer-loving driver, well, a following express would run consevatively within time, even if maybe the 'banker', a second engine had been added in front in view of our 16 cars for the grades ... then fresh men at Crewe...

    The fireman was in no mood to talk to a stranger on the cab, fancy camera [6x6] and it was illegal in any case, and I made myself clear of his stuff, the stamp in the pedal opening the roaring firebox doors, him with very even strokes of a loaded shovel, the subtle stuff the big bit fired to the top... it was an art; 22 miles of undualting traffic in the night, the driver warned me about the crossovers and the tender-plate .. seemed pleased to have this keen kid on board, knowing my father was also an editor, but that I was able to look after myself.... the fireman was quiet. And the dark shaking cab we got a gound-level green for the complex crossovers from the Midland to the main Euston-Glasgow ex-LNWR with not just the usual heavy Irish traffic, but a full 17 cars alone only made about 50mph or less uphill after the junctions, with a 15mph slack in the junction itself, , the engine shouting clear into the night, until the driver opened the throttle a little wider as we breasted a grade, not just to keep 400 passengers quiet but to tell the fireman that we he was in a good mood and'd better put up with it!

    The train reached only about 75mph on th fall towards Chester

    The engine was a dark behemoth, riaring and shaking under acceleartion

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    Re: Comminism Mass Production and Art

    Behemoth it was, worn and not steaming very well,
    the fireman climbed up into the freezing rush of air above the tender, past the canvas cover, after giving me a look which said, "You don't knoiw ANYTHING".

    The engine was working damed hard through Waverton to Chester, the driver was playing with cutoff at over 75mph, trying to find the smootheest running, a yellow at Chester and braked quiie hard to a slow walk, the fireman was looking for signals, yellow, red, in the city fog.
    Almost to a stand while an ex-War Department ROD 2-8-0 walked a long freght train towards Wrexham.

    The fireman was on a flexible shift arrangement where if the train was late he could .. 1962 he wanted a night in Liverpool, but there was a platform 'green' with nohing but a light moon... and light from points set.. our train much beyond the capacity of a single 7MT engine in normal service was still waliking, with a quiet exhaust at 10mph the driver looked at me I nodded OK., , and still 8 minutes late, the fireman got a nod from the engine driver and did nothing. Looked at me, the driver opened the throttle on "Lord Rowallan" and with sanders on for a moment only gave a few slps and the fireman stared.
    The engine was stamping hard. the fire was voracious, it was a good steamer, and soon up to 60+mph I in my youthful ehxhuburance move to towards and look at him and nod at the fire and the fireman has already seen and in the dark roiaring shaking cab he actually hands me his shovel.

    I could not BELIEVE the feirceness of the heat when I stamped the pedal, no idea about the best coal where, nor angle the driver took an artistic view and the fireman stood back, and with teenage stupiity said nothing... and fired about 30lbs of rubbish into somewhere near the front of a 5'x8' roaring..., the engine was still at 40% cutoff and angry, seven minutes late still, and two condtional stop... The fireman took over, the driver stayed at 40% 35-25 until this 'Britannia' was truly roaring.
    I wasn't sure if I hadn't ruined the train...

    The engine was brilliant and the fireman showed me how to fire with the engine at high speed through Holywell, dark and willing, the boiler saying at 230lbs., sustaining long cutoff for higher speeds then on trailing-throttle whistling long and hard for green. The seven minutes eaten up , the retired driver in the cottage at Rhyle saying, "He's in a hurry today".... reverberations echoing, would be except for the fog, in-and-out off the sea, still staying OK another day's work... and eight minutes late at Holyhead after crawling in the worst of the fog, the engine having worked from Crewe and now with only one ton of coal left.... back on morning she hand-coaled and being with clean fire ran the morning 'Irish Mail' that day all the way to Euston, and drawing forwards from 11 cars a train in the adjacent plaform with a 'Duchess' having run no-stop from Glasgow, a porter canme up to the cab and said, 'I bet you wish you had one of those!"

    To which the driver shrugged and drew a faint smile...

    This is a paraphrased version of

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