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    Quote Originally Posted by misterdecibel
    Pete and I (and some other "Pontiac people") have been debating the modern "Bandit".... and here's my take on it:

    * Absurdly over-priced. Nearly a quarter-mil for a modified late '70s TA? I'd rather have a "correct" '73 SD-455, for 25-40 percent the cost of the Bandit. Hell, I'd rather have a "correct" (stone stock/restored) '77 SE Trans-Am. MIght (might!) cost $30,000.

    * Hate the interior; they ruined one of the best muscle car dashboards/layouts GM ever conceived. It would have looked muchbetter if they'd kept the stock dash cluster and discretely updated the gauges where necessary. For example, silk-screening the stock speedo to read to 200 mph using the factory style fonts. It was criminal to gut the stock tach/clock assembly - etc.

    * Hate the front end mods, esp. the HID lights. Can you say "sexual chocolate"? Or JC Whitney?

    * Ditto the wheels; why not take the stock snowflakes and widen them? 245/60-15s fit on the stock rims - and that is decent-sized rubber already and more than adequate for high-performance purposes. Those custom rims don't look right. I am sick unto death of the currently trendy "big wheel" look. Leave that to the Pimp My Ride crowd. '70s Trans-Ams had some of the most distinctive stock wheels of the era; re-use 'em - don't lose 'em. Put the "big wheels" on cars that never offered decent rims when they were new.

    * The graphics are not an improvement; again, the original decals defined the car and made it a Trans-Am.

    Bottom line: I'd much prefer a properly restored car with a few discrete updates - such as an overdrive transmission, better and brakes. But leave the car intact otherwise.

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