All -

I'd like to hand off Moderating this board to some other worthy person. I've got my hands full with several other sections (for one) and (for two) I'd like to have a different person with his/her own set of ideas running this Board.

As with the other Boards, the Moderator of this one can use it more or less as his/her personal Blogspace. Motor Mouth is a bit unique in that unlike the other sections, the topics in here can be pretty much anything. So there's a bit more latitude for personal expression, etc.

Main thing is whoever becomes Moderator needs to be willing and able to post several (at least 2-3) new things each week as "conversation starters." These can be things you've written yourself, or stuff you've found on line - whatever. So long as the Board gets new stuff every week. The other responsibility is deleting Spam (when it crops up) and handling posters who cross over the line. On the latter point, this forum's pretty flexible and we don't want to curb people's ability to express opinion; but we also don't want to see gratuitous personal insults, etc.

That's the basic deal. If anyone is interested in becoming Moderator of this Board, please let me know.