Subject: a hoot, a website where cops can complain about other cops giving
them speeding tickets and not giving special treatment to their Brothers

Very interesting! They want to harass us, but they don't want us to harass them. Hmmmm -- remember what Red Skelton used to say as the kid? If I do'd it, I'll get a spanking." and then he'd think about it and announce, "I do'd it!"

>> If you are a police officer, trooper, court officer, correction officer,
>> telecommunicator, highway patrol, federal agent, or any other type of
>> police (peace) officer either full-time, part-time or retired that has
>> been disrespected or insulted by another police agency (officer) by not
>> receiving some sort of professional courtesy, please email staff (at)
>> with the information. If you have been arrested for
>> a crime and want to use this as a podium to rant, go somewhere else.