NEW YORK, NY, October 30, 2007 - Traffic slows to a crawl most days in front of Bloomingdale?s flagship store and its famous Lexington Avenue windows, but on Monday, November 19, 2007 traffic will stop as the store unveils its annual Holiday Window displays; and for the first time, an automaker will be part of the view.

Bloomingdale?s and Infiniti have entered a multi-faceted integrated marketing agreement that places the all-new personal luxury crossover, the Infiniti EX on sale in December, in four Bloomingdale?s stores during the high-traffic Holiday season; in the store?s national advertising and direct mail publications; and makes Infiniti the title sponsor of its fantasy window installations.

The program provides Infiniti unprecedented access and opportunity for brand placement in Bloomingdale?s stores, windows, advertising, catalogs, counter cards, package inserts, credit card mailings, and on the store?s website at the pinnacle moment of the retail calendar.

Bloomingdale?s window unveiling is a New York City tradition and this year, alongside the Infiniti EX, will feature a performance by an internationally renowned recording artist as well as other family-focused entertainment. This celebration begins at 4:30 p.m. in front of the twelve-window stretch on Lexington Avenue between 59th and 60th Streets, which remains curtained until the conclusion of the event.

?Infiniti is a wonderful partner for Bloomingdale?s,? said Anne Keating, Bloomingdale?s Senior Vice President of Public Relations. ?Our two customers complement each other beautifully in areas of personal taste and style, whether it?s how they wardrobe themselves, their homes or their driveways.?

?The all-new Infiniti EX, with its luxurious styling and chic design, really speaks to the Bloomingdale?s shopper, someone who is bold and fashion-forward,? says Ben Poore, vice president for Infiniti marketing communications. ?Being able to celebrate the holidays with Bloomingdale?s allows Infiniti to connect on an even deeper level with the thousands who participate in and share memories of the most highly-anticipated holiday window display in New York City.?

Bloomingdale?s 2007 Windows ? Holiday Dreams
Celebrating the creativity and imagination of children during this magical time of the year

This past summer, Bloomingdale?s invited the Children?s Museum of Manhattan and the Children?s Museum of the Arts to participate in the 2007 Holiday Windows. Each museum?s artists and educators worked with their own teams of 9-12 year olds to create paintings, collages and sculptures - with the theme, Holiday Dreams. The amazing results are the inspiration for Bloomingdale?s Window Display team.

Each window depicts a 3D version of a specific holiday dream or story based on the drawings, collages or animated films provided by the kids in conjunction with both museums. Plasma screens will run interviews with the kids talking about their holiday dream and the creative process involved in creating the original art. The original art created by the kids will be presented in the windows as well.

For more information on these children?s museums, visit and