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Thread: 2008 Mini Clubman to debtu at LA Auto Show

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    2008 Mini Clubman to debtu at LA Auto Show

    Woodcliff Lake, NJ - November 6, 2007? The 2008 MINI Clubman, an all-new addition to the MINI
    model line, will make its North American debut in November at the Los Angeles International Auto
    Show where model pricing and its on-sale date will be revealed. The eagerly anticipated MINI
    Clubman will be like nothing else on the road and defies convention in its concept and style.

    The MINI Clubman paves the way into a totally-new market segment, offering new opportunities for
    the MINI brand and showcasing, yet again, MINI's leadership in the premium small car segment. With
    its hallmark design elements, the MINI Clubman is clearly a MINI from every angle. Yet it is the MINI
    Clubman's unique rear-end design and new proportions that distinguish it from other members of the
    MINI family and make it unlike anything else on the road today.

    MINI is well known for its combination of successful attributes - a truly unique design; agile driving
    characteristics; premium quality; a high level of safety; a wide range of customization options, and
    outstanding efficiency. Now the all-new MINI Clubman offers another compelling attribute - an
    additional 9.45 inches in body length and wheelbase extended by 3.15 inches that helps create more
    space in the rear legroom area. What makes the MINI Clubman truly unique is its innovative five door
    configuration with the conventional driver's and front passenger's door supplemented by an additional
    rear-hinged door on the right-hand side of the car and the two split-rear doors in the back.

    The MINI Clubman extends an open welcome to rear-seat passengers with the "Clubdoor", a rather
    ingenious door configuration on the right side of the vehicle. The Clubdoor swings open in the
    opposing direction relative to the main passenger door to dramatically increase the access to the rear
    seating area. Behind the front seats, the new MINI Clubman offers remarkable rear seating comfort
    and flexible use of space. Rear seat passengers now enjoy 3.15inches more legroom compared to
    the MINI hardtop. Without an exterior handle, the Clubdoor is integrated unobtrusively into the body
    design of the MINI Clubman and for safety, can only be opened with the adjoining front door open.
    The MINI Clubman comes to the US in a four passenger configuration.

    The split-rear doors at the back of the MINI Clubman are another unique design element of the MINI
    Clubman and open up to offer easy and convenient access for larger parcels and equipment such as
    sports gear. In addition to increased functionality, the split-rear doors represent a modern
    interpretation of an authentic detail seen on MINI's classic forerunners. The rear doors are further
    highlighted with the C-pillars painted in a contrasting silver or black finish. Inside, the generous
    luggage compartment may be further extended with a flexible rear seat configuration, offering very
    easy and convenient loading options thanks to the two rear doors.

    The MINI Clubman is the modern successor to the legendary classics Morris Mini Traveller, Austin Mini
    Countryman, and Mini Clubman Estate. However, the MINI Clubman retains all the functionality,
    handling and performance characteristics that one expects in a thoroughly modern MINI.

    MINI has developed the new MINI Clubman specifically for the active and passionate individualist
    wishing to consciously stand out. The MINI Clubman retains its sporting character, while offering new
    and flexible options in interior use and practical value. Despite its slightly longer proportions the MINI
    Clubman retains MINI's typical "wheels at the four corners" stance and the car's driving characteristics
    still offer the legendary go-kart feeling unique to MINI.

    The MINI Clubman will be available in the U.S. with two different engines:

    Powered by a 1.6-liter four-cylinder with twin-scroll turbocharger, direct gasoline injection and
    maximum output of 175 hp at an engine speed of 5,500 rpm, the MINI Cooper S Clubman offers
    the highest level of performance.

    The MINI Cooper Clubman, benefiting from its 1.6-liter four-cylinder developing 120 hp at 6,600
    rpm and featuring fully variable valve management, offers impressive performance and economy.

    Motoring in a MINI is more than just getting from A to B - it is an expression of ones' lifestyle - a
    genuine attitude towards life. In particular, it is the focus on the enjoyment and experience of driving
    combined with an appreciation of powerful, trendsetting design. The MINI Clubman offers the
    enthusiast even greater options in personalizing his or her style, with more than 40 combinations of
    the exterior paintwork alone.

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    Re: 2008 Mini Clubman to debtu at LA Auto Show

    For pictures check out this article on the main page:

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