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Thread: Honda FCX Clarity

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    Honda FCX Clarity

    The FCX Clarity is ready for the road. A limited number of
    these groundbreaking vehicles will be leased to Southern
    Californians starting during the summer of 2008.

    The reason for this limited initial release is that in order to drive a fuel cell vehicle, you have to be able to refuel it. And since these clean cars do not run on gasoline, you can?t just stop off at your regular corner gas station to fill up. Hydrogen fuel stations are critical to the deployment of a fuel cell car and, as it stands now, stations accessible to the public are still quite limited.

    Therefore, only customers currently residing in the Torrance, Santa Monica and Irvine areas who meet additional qualification criteria will be eligible to take an FCX Clarity home. Honda wants to ensure that FCX Clarity drivers will be able to take their vehicles in for service at participating dealers and have convenient access to refueling stations. Leasing will be handled through American Honda Motor Co., Inc. in conjunction with local dealers. Maintenance will also be covered by the three-year $600/month lease.

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    Re: Honda FCX Clarity

    Neat concept and I am sure it works well. Here are the concerns I have of the car:

    1) "Big Oil" will find some way to push these out of production.

    2) Finding a hydrogen fueling station might be a hard proposition.

    3) And it's still hydrogen which is extremely flamable - who wants to be in an accident and have it possibly blow up like the Hindenburg.

    I still think the GM EV1 - with its acceleration (nothing short of fantastic) and it being 100% electric and very reliable - was a much better zero emissions solution. Unfortunately the car mysteriously got pulled. There are certain interests that want to keep us buying the black stuff from out of the ground. I personally don't see the FCX going anywhere - it will make a big splash with much fan fare, but behind the scenes it will be killed like all the other innovative concepts before it.

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