DEARBORN, Mich., Jan. 4, 2008 ? Building on the success of SYNC, Ford Motor Company unveils the next generation of in-car communications at the International CES on Sunday.

The company will announce what comes next for SYNC ?developed in partnership with Microsoft ? as well as introduce International CES attendees to Ford?s new SIRIUS Travel Link? navigation system.

?Ford?s goal is to deliver the smart, connected in-car experience that customers today demand and to lead the industry into a new era of in-vehicle connectivity,? says Derrick Kuzak, Ford?s group vice president of Global Product Development, who will attend the International CES, the world?s largest consumer trade event and showcase for new technologies.

?Ford is answering the call with the best technology solutions from companies like Microsoft and SIRIUS, connecting customers with mobile devices, important information they need on the road and bringing the experience to life with the latest in navigation technology and branded audio,? Kuzak adds.

SYNC is one of the rising stars in the auto industry today and is on track to reach 1 million sales in early 2009. SYNC connects people and their favorite portable devices while in the vehicle, including media players and Bluetooth-enabled mobile phones.

In addition to new SYNC features to be revealed at the International CES, Ford has confirmed that nearly every new Ford, Lincoln and Mercury vehicle will be available with SYNC by year end, when approximately 85 percent of company?s retail volume will be offered with SYNC ? including its Bluetooth connectivity.

Ford SIRIUS Travel Link? navigation system

At the International CES, Ford also will announce it is moving in-car connectivity further forward with the launch of a next-generation navigation system, available for the first time ever with SIRIUS Travel Link.

With Travel Link, drivers and passengers will have access to up-to-the-minute information and entertainment content through the vehicle?s navigation system. This includes: current gas prices from an estimated 120,000 filling stations; local, real-time traffic information for 78 markets; coast-to-coast weather conditions with five-day forecasts; sports scores, and movie listings.

Travel Link works through the existing SIRIUS satellite and repeater infrastructure ? offering uninterrupted, coast-to-coast coverage. Specifically, the Ford SIRIUS Travel Link system provides information on:

Traffic Data: SIRIUS Travel Link combines real-time traffic speed and flow data with accident and incident information to allow the user to navigate around congested areas.


SIRIUS Travel Link shows coast-to-coast weather data, current conditions and five-day forecasts, detailed storm cell information, hurricane and tropical storm tracking, local wind speeds, and even ski resort conditions.

Fuel Prices: Drawing on information from more than 120,000 gas stations, SIRIUS Travel Link sorts fuel options by price, distance or alphabetically. If requested, the navigation system can route users to the gasoline station with the lowest fuel price.

Sports: No matter your passion ? NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL, NASCAR, NCAAF, NCAAB, and golf ? SIRIUS Travel Link provides scores and schedules and can be personalized for the user?s selected teams.

Movies: With listings from more than 4,500 movie theaters, SIRIUS Travel Link helps consumers plan ahead by providing movie times, theater addresses, ratings and run lengths. Using the Ford navigation system, the data can be sorted by distance. If requested, the navigation system can route users to the selected movie theater.

?Having this information in a car is game-changing,? said Doug Wilsterman, SIRIUS senior vice president and general manager for automotive OEMs. ?This is technology that drivers will use everyday.?

When introduced this summer, the all-new 2009 Lincoln MKS will be one of the first vehicles with Ford?s full suite of new in-car communications technologies, including Travel Link. The service will be offered on multiple Ford, Lincoln, and Mercury vehicles by the end of the year.

A six-month introductory subscription to the SIRIUS Travel Link service ? combined with the SIRIUS Satellite Radio audio service ? will be included in every Ford, Lincoln and Mercury vehicle equipped with Ford?s next-generation navigation system.

American consumers increasingly expect to stay connected and enjoy instant access to information, studies show. Approximately 243 million Americans have mobile phones today and four of every five adults have regular access to the internet.

By 2009, trends indicate there will be as least 250 million portable media players in use.

A third of U.S. consumers are very interested in having Internet access in their vehicles, and the number is close to 50 percent for survey respondents between the ages of 16 and 25, according to a 2007 J.D. Power Automotive Emerging Technologies study.

?Consumers are increasingly demanding seamless connectivity between their house and office and car,? noted Sheryl Connelly, Ford Global Trends and Futuring manager. ?They want to be able to access information ?just in time? or on-demand, because they are used to having access to it wherever they go. More than anything, they want to stay connected and informed.?