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Thread: DUI consequences

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    DUI consequences

    On 1/26/08 at 3:00AM, there was a DUI driver, that hit a street sign in my yard and than took off. He was caught not even 30 minutes later at a party about 2 blocks over; as he did pretty good damage to the vehicle; including leaving his inner fender wheel behind; that happened to have his VIN number on it. The pictures of the sign post is as it still lays in the yard; as the pictures of the car are as it sits in front of the house that he went to for the party. I did not get pictures of the sign that was on the post; or of any of the car pieces left behind; as all of it was already picked up by the city; since I did not take the pictures until about 5pm (14 hours after the accident). From what I could tell online by Dodge's Website; is that the car is either an 2007 or 2008 Model Year, Steel Blue Metallic in color, Dodge Caliber. The sign was actually knocked off at the post; and was laying in the street in front of the neighbors yard, and there was car pieces up to 100 feet from the post. Luckily I had my truck and my parents had their van, parked further up in the driveway; as if we would have been parked closer to the edge of the driveway, he would have most likely hit them and damaged them as well. As a reminder, if you drive under the influence; even if you don't hit someone else or get stopped by a cop; you can still cause damage; and you can be caught up to; even if someone did not see your vehicle! No one saw this accident happen; however luckily for everyone else except this driver; I was on the computer & heard the noise, immediately opened up the front door & seen the damage that he did; and called the police; that combined with him leaving his inner fender wheel behind with the VIN number, along with parking on the street about 2 blocks over, led to a pretty fast finding of him & the driver. Thankfully no one was harmed by this DUI driver. Please take a close look at what he did to his own close to brand new vehicle, by making one bad decision to drive drunk; and do everyone a favor and don't drive drunk! All of the pictures are posted on my Kodak Gallery for viewing at:
    If you do not have an account made; you can create one for free; and you do not have to have an account to view the pictures; just click "View Slideshow"; instead of logging in.
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    Re: DUI consequences

    There were several occasions, in my early (and dumb) 20s, when that could have been me... I totaled my '78 Camaro after a night of throwing back at a party; could easily have been killed - or killed someone else. I look back at those days and marvel at my luck - and my stupidity!

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