Welcome to Grouch's Garage. Lean on a fender or pull up a chair and chew the fat for a bit. Use this board to swap tips and ideas, funny (or sort of funny) jokes (keep it clean), and maybe swap a few lies. The rules are simple. No hateful speech, politics, or religion and consider your maiden aunt. You know, the one who when you were going through your Goth period with black makeup and your parents pretty much had nothing to do with you, she would help you get your mascara right. Sometimes on the girls too. Think about her and if you wouldn't say it in front of your maiden aunt, don't say it here. Oh, and watch out for the dog. She'll steal your sandwich when you aren't looking.

Got a tool tip for a home made tool? How about a product that was a waste of time. Drive a cool car lately? Found a speed trap that is really sneaky? Need advice on a purchase? It's all fodder for this board.