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Thread: New York auto Show

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    New York auto Show

    One day, a Zen Master visited the New York Auto Show. He walked outside for some fresh air and to meditate bit. He noticed a street vendor selling hot dogs. Normally, a vegetarian doesn't eat meat but this was a hot dog vendor so that didn't matter, probably no meat in there anyway.
    He walked up to the vendor and said "Make me one with everything". Go ahead, groan here, I'll wait.........

    When he paid, the vendor thanked him and the Master waited for a bit. When no change back was coming, the Zen Master asked where his change was. The vendor gave him an inscrutable look and said "Change must come from within my son".

    You can groan some more now.
    Honk if you love Jesus.

    Text if you want to meet him.

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    Re: New York auto Show


    Have we come to this?

    Exchanging jokes.

    I think we need a decent war, you know, enemies, conscription, but in the meantime... <g>

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