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Thread: Avoid Fords, avoid Fords.

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    Avoid Fords, avoid Fords.

    According the Bennets, one of the major players in motorcycle insurance, the top spot for the car 'most likely to take you out' is now the Ford Focus which has taken over from last Years Vauxhall Corsa. The top three places are taken by 1) Ford Focus. 2) Ford Fiesta and 3) Ford Transit.

    I would have put my money on a Volvo or any 4 X 4 but it looks as though I was a long way out.

    Thanks to Superbike magazine for that snippet of information - you have been warned. (

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    Re: Avoid Fords, avoid Fords.

    Indiana has a bunch of specialty plates. Most of these raise extra bucks for the state. One that doesn't cost any more is the "In God We Trust" plate. Drivers often buy these to show how religious they are. However, I try to avoid cars with these as most of the drivers are so bad, a local preacher wrote about it in the paper. Basically, he said that you shouldn't display a Christian plate if you aren't going to drive according to Christian principles. While not aimed at Christians, I would imagine some who follows Islam could buy one too, it's turned into a defacto id plate for Christians.

    However, that isn't the plate I dread the most. The "Kids First" plate is the one I've had to dodge the most. I see people with kids in the car that drive so carelessly, I often wish I still had a badge. I do remember when I still did have one, I was checking a road for flooding. As I placed barricades, a Sheriffs deputy and a State Trooper were there with me. I was in work gear so I was doing most of the work. Plus, I knew what I was doing and didn't trust them. As I'm pulling myself across the flooded low spot via a rope, a minivan loaded with kiddies came around the barricade and drove through the water. I was holding my breath as the van was starting to float sideways. That's when they leave the road usually and people inside drown. The Trooper and the Deputy were arguing about who was going to arrest the driver. The Trooper won the argument. The driver tested 0.14 and of the 5 kids inside, only two were his. I imagine the judge was probably easier on him that the moms of the other kids. DUI, disregarding a traffic signal and five counts of endangerment of a minor. He also had a "Kids First" plate on the van.

    I've got an environmental plate on one of my vehiclers but that's fairly pricey and used to buy land for conservation in Indiana. I'm a tree farmer and strongly believe in conservation. That's why I grin when I hear about people wanting woney to offset your carbon foot print. I believe that's just a scam to get our money. Then again, i ask vegans why they have leather shoes on.
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